Barkin Up Delafield

Barkin’ Up Doggy Daycare – Delafield, WI

An approximate 7000sf doggy daycare

Project highlights:

  • Vibrant and welcoming lobby
  • Grooming area
  • Two indoor dog runs
  • Two exterior dog runs

“Tim and Wellspring have been fantastic. I had a horrible experience with a different builder who lied to my face for months and I fired before we started building. Tim and Wellspring, on the other hand, have been a blessing and I’ve been very comfortable and confident in them from the start. I have a relatively smaller project and they still have never missed a call or email. They have made it clear that we are a team and treat me like I’m the only project on their books”.

– Ben Nader
Barkin’ Up Hickory and Barkin’ Up Delafield